Construction Type: New Construction
Type of Contract: Lump Sum
Size of Project (SF): 30,700
Contract Magnitude: Large ($1M+)
Duration of Project: 12 Months
Percentage of Self-Performance: 100%

Work Performed

In January of 2021, Blue Skye Coakley Williams Construction awarded Harbor Roofing and Waterproofing the contract for the installation of their roofing, elevated paver decking, and green roofing on multiple buildings at the 801 Men’s Shelter in Washington, D.C. The project, which began in May of 2021 and spanned twelve months demonstrates the capabilities of Harbor as an ABC Metro Washington member.
The project consisted of three towers, each of which received a TPO membrane roofing system and a podium (small roof areas were added later at the ground floor).

80-mil TPO roofing by GAF with tapered insulation was installed at the three towers. TPO roofing is heat-welded at the seams to provide a continuous roof covering. The roof was insulated to local code requirements, and the TPO membrane roofing was tested prior to the installation of the green roof (green roof scope outlined below).

The most difficult aspect of Harbor’s work on this project was the installation at the 2nd floor podium which is located off the front elevation of the building. Harbor selected the Henry Company 790-11 system with an elevated pedestal and paver system from Hanover Architectural Products. The hot fluid-applied rubberized asphalt (HRA) is squeegeed to the prepared concrete substrate, reinforced with polyester fabric, and completed with an additional layer of HRA. A protection board is installed to protect the completed membrane from foot traffic. This type of installation is called an IRMA (inverted roof membrane assembly) where the roof membrane is installed on the bottom, and the other components of the system are installed on top. This is sometimes referred to as an “upside down roof.” On a project like this the overburden consists of multiple layers of insulation to meet the required energy code, then a filter fabric prior to the installation of the final components.

The final components of the podium system were green roof and pavers, as you can see in the header picture of this document. Pavers are installed over the protection fabric with adjustable pedestals. The edges of the pavers are trimmed or cut up against building walls and perimeter railing and curbs.
The green roof – provided by Green Roof Outfitters – generally consists of a drainage board for proper water flow, four inches of pre-engineered growth media, and Mid-Atlantic sedum plugs which are installed at the rate of two per square foot.

This project is special to Harbor because it demonstrates our capabilities beyond that of a typical roofing/waterproofing company. Rather than Coakley & Williams requiring multiple subcontractors, they were able to subcontract Harbor in one package, ensuring that the owner has one sole point of contact in the future should any needs arise.


“Through Harbor Roofing’s efforts we were able to successfully find equivalent products to either
substitute and Harbor went to great lengths to supply the roofing material required for the

-Bill Simons, Coakley Williams Construction