Construction Type: Alteration
Type of Contract: Lump Sum
Size of Project (SF): 52,400
Contract Magnitude: Jumbo ($3M+)
Duration of Project: 12 Months
Percentage of Self-Performance: 64%

Work Performed

Harbor Roofing and Waterproofing was awarded the subcontract for the installation of hot rubberized roofing, single-ply roofing, and elevated paver systems on the Johns Hopkins University 555 Penn project in Washington, D.C. The building, which was formerly the Newseum, began in the district in early 2023 and spanned eight months. We believe it demonstrates the capabilities of Harbor as an ABC Metro Washington member.
Naturally, the project being located on Pennsylvania Avenue, only blocks from the Capitol Building, raised many challenges with securing crane access to load equipment and materials to the roof. Further, due to the numerous levels of work on the building, there were multiple different crane plans and safety considerations to consider while planning our loading and unloading of the work areas.
During construction, much of the existing hot rubberized asphalt system – originally planned to remain in place and be “roofed over” was deemed to need complete replacement. Due to the large areas of replacement needed, Harbor utilized a novel piece of equipment for a roofing company: a motorized floor scraper. The floor scraper aided the crews by ensuring the efficient and safe removal of the existing roofing.
Harbor completed the full removal and replacement of the membrane roofing system, then followed with the installation of the overburden. Salvaged gravel is reinstalled across the surface of the new code-compliant insulation system that is loose-laid over the membrane. The ballast and pavers hold the insulation down in place over the membrane.
During construction, with this building being essential to the fall semester 2023, there was an unavoidable change in Harbor’s project management, requiring another Harbor team member to pick up management of the job midstream. Harbor and the Clark team overcame this challenge through communication and teamwork.
There are both wood and concrete pavers installed on numerous levels of this project. Of the concrete pavers, one is a Hanover Guardian system installed on the upper floors (white with dark diamonds/squares), and Nitterhouse patterned pavers on the lower terraces. These pavers systems are the highest level of difficulty in the world of paver installation. The Guardian pavers have a wind lockdown kit, and the Nitterhouse pavers were designed to be installed in a unique pattern. Finally, on many levels of the building, creative solutions were required where pavers abutted jambs, requiring special wind uplift considerations that would not allow the installation of standard products. Harbor worked with the paver and roofing manufacturer to provide solutions that allowed the on-time completion of the project.


“Not only was Harbor Roofing and Waterproofing successful in meeting the aggressive project schedule, but they also managed to perform their work in a safe manner.”

-Keena Myers, Clark Construction